An Out-of-this-World Experience Your Guests Will Never Forget

Partnering with Ubisoft to bring Charlotte’s first VR Escape Room

Your 2-4 person team has 60 minutes to find a way out of our first two virtual reality escape rooms. Players must use cooperative teamwork, problem-solving skills and precise timing to solve riddles and find their way out of this social virtual reality experience. Perfect for small corporate parties and private events.

Ubisoft Escape Room Adventures Fun for Everyone

Ubisoft Escape Games are mainstream experiences set in the world of Assassin’s Creed Origins and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. They are larger-than-life adventures that would be far too dangerous, or just impossible to live in real life, and are fun for a wide audience across all ages.

Escape The Lost Pyramid takes place in 1928. Lost at the bottom of the gigantic pyramid of Nebka, you have to locate a lost artifact, find your way to the top of the pyramid and escape!

In Beyond Medusa’s Gate, it is 445 BEC, and you will live an epic journey in an Aegean coastal cave looking for the lost ship of the Argonauts.


2-4 Players


Ubisoft Blue Byte



Ubisoft Escape Games are virtual reality escape rooms designed to avoid motion sickness. A common trigger for motion sickness comes from bad performance or low frame rate. These are issues Ubisoft has accounted for when designing the game. Less than 1% of our players experience motion sickness.


VR escape rooms are made for teams. You cannot succeed alone! You must work together, and everyone has a role to play. The key to success is to talk, listen and collaborate. Also, high five when you are done!


This is not a video game. It is an intuitive experience made for everyone, from 12 to 82. If you know how to talk, listen, walk and grab objects, you have all the skills needed to make it. Our VR escape rooms are none violent and focused on cooperation between players. Built in hint features make it excellent for families! Perfect for corporate events.


Your feet will always touch the floor, and you are 100% safe. However, your brain might think otherwise! Our experiences can be challenging for people with strong fear of heights! But they are also amazingly rewarding when you go through!

How it Works

Call Us to Schedule

We’ll discuss the particulars of your next event, secure the equipment for your dates, and craft an experience tailored for you.


We Setup at your Location

We come and completely set up, operate and clean up the VR studio equipment so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Enjoy the Party With All Your Guests

We’ll handle the entertainment so you can focus on having a great time with your friends, family, and teammates – one they’ll be talking about long  after it’s done.

Escape the Lost Pyramid

Set in the re-creation of Ancient Egypt from Assassin’s Creed® Origins. In February 1928, an expedition led by Sir Beldon Frye disappears somewhere in the Sinai Peninsula. A team of four and a dozen local porters were looking for the Lost Pyramid of Nebka… Or more precisely, “something” that should have been there. They were never seen again. It is your team’s mission to find out what happened to the expedition. More importantly, you must locate what they were looking for.

Beyond Medusa's Gate

Set in the re-creation of Ancient Greece from Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey. Your team must find a way out of a vast Aegean coastal cave where the legendary ship of the Argonauts is anchored. To successfully escape, players must use cooperative teamwork, problem-solving skills and precise timing to solve riddles and find their way out of this room-scale experience. Players start the adventure by choosing their avatar from among six diverse characters and can customize them with Ancient Greek accessories.